BlueStacks App Player 4.31.59

No longer are you restricted playing apps on your phone, use this emulator for them

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    Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 10

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BlueStacks App Player 4.31.59
BlueStacks App Player Beta

BlueStacks App Player delivers the functionality, customization and entertainment of Android environments directly to your PC. If you can’t get enough of your favorite game or program, then isn’t it time to upgrade your experience? Through the latest emulator technologies, this dynamic app elevates how you engage with your Android apps.

Familiar Environment, Upgraded Experience

Have you ever wished you could play your favorite game on a bigger screen? Do you want to change the way you interact with your digital life? If so, then BlueStacks App Player delivers exactly what you’re searching for.

In essence, this app serves as an emulator. When installed, an emulator allows one machine to behave like another. Without the use of this technology, it’s impossible for certain machines, like your PC, to run programs designed for another system. So what does BlueStacks App Player actually offer? More importantly, is it a reliable option?

Redefining Your Android Experience - Features and Capabilities

As a dedicated emulator for the Android digital landscape, BlueStacks App Player seamlessly transforms your desktop or laptop into a powerful Android environment. Developers paid extra attention designing its capabilities to support all types of Android users.

Do you love to play games? How about watch movies? Or maybe, you take advantage of the many non-gaming apps? Regardless of why you use the Android environment, BlueStacks App Player supports you. Designed with all users in mind, its flow and functionality effortlessly supports even the most graphic-intense game or data-heavy app.

Glitch-Free Architecture for Greater Gameplay - Technologies

BlueStacks App Player first launched in 2011. Since then, over 200 million downloads have made it among the most successful Android emulators on the market. This success isn’t due to flashy advertising campaigns or hyped social media outreach. Its popularity stems from the advanced architecture and stable environment. Backed by AMD and Samsung Qualcomm, this Android emulator is designed to handle requirements of current and future apps.

Environment stability is paramount for smooth functionality, but its operational flexibility ensures it continues to support the latest app developments. Much like any other digital element, Android apps continue to advance at astonishingly fast rates. Keeping up with the community developments is a challenge, but BlueStacks App Player maintains pace with the ever-changing app technologies.

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature is the community responsible for its development. As the digital app landscape evolves, so does BlueStacks App Player. Support and documentation is readily available by the app developers. Should you run across any problems, the dedicated app blog is an excellent resource for solutions.

The Pros

  • Compatible with Android, Flash, HTML, PC and MAC platforms
  • Works with non-game apps in a natural-looking Android environment
  • Supports a variety of Android messenger apps for greater communication options

The Cons

  • Only supports Android-developed apps
  • Can slow down outdated or low-performance computers

The award-winning BlueStacks App Player is an Android emulator for Windows and Mac OS X that allows users to run their favorite mobile apps on their desktop or laptop. BlueStacks was the recipient of both the Best Software and The Innovators Award at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2012.

BlueStacks was conceived in 2009, after a train trip across Switzerland when former McAfee Chief Technology Officer Suman Saraf's daughter wanted to play her favorite Android games on his laptop. BlueStacks' LayerCake framework went into development immediately and received financial backing by major technology companies like AMD and Qualcomm. It took a team of 10 engineers more than two years to complete BlueStacks. Since its initial alpha release in 2011, over 12 million people in more than 100 countries have downloaded BlueStacks.

The BlueStacks interface is very user-friendly and equally easy to navigate. BlueStacks can be fully configured to the user's specifications and the Cloud Connect feature allows users to port apps over from their Android devices to BlueStacks and vice versa. The built-in full screen button, introduced in the latest beta release, makes it easier for users to take advantage of the entire viewing field than was possible in earlier versions.

Installing BlueStacks is simple, but some users complain that the software does not come with a clean uninstall procedure. Notably, several apps, including Twitter, come pre-installed on BlueStacks and new apps can be downloaded through the program's full integration with Google Play and the Amazon App Store. With the Spotlight feature, users can download a new pre-selected paid app for free daily. BlueStacks is compatible with all of the most recent versions of Windows, all the way back to XP and since June 2012 has come pre-loaded on most ASUS PCs.

In addition to its partnerships with Qualcomm, AMD and ASUS, BlueStacks works extensively with developers like Halfbrick Studios, Pulse and COM2US to make the integration between BlueStacks and mobile devices seamless. However, a number of apps are incompatible with the software. As BlueStacks developers work through the beta stage, they plan to have universal app compatibility available for the final version release.


• Allows users to use Android apps on PC or Mac

• User-friendly and customizable interface

• Compatible with all Windows versions from XP to 8

• Integrated full-screen mode

• Cloud Connect connects mobile devices to BlueStacks

• Uses both Google Play and Amazon App Store

• Comes pre-installed on most ASUS PCs


• Not compatible with all apps

• Difficult to uninstall

• Software runs slowly, especially when running graphic intensive apps

• Potential for bugs as the software is still in beta

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